RIP ✰ Sparkles ✰

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We became friends here, she helped me prepare for interview during my days of depression, wonderful soul, gone but will not be forgotten.
Edit: I met her before she left for canada last month. Her sister shared the news
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Last month meri gal hoi c
She was in india
Actually she broke her arm in a car accident in canada
So she thought to have a rest in india and came to india
She contacted me to have a coffee i said we will meet
She said she will be in chandigarh i said i will come to chandigarh. Just text me when u reach chandigarh
But she didnt text so I thought she may b busy with her mother. Actually her mother was all alone in delhi
And nidhi have her divorce case going on with her ex husband.
This is the latest i can tell.
Rest dont know
I have her canada wala number but whatsaap is not working now on that number. Will try calling her in a bit.


Rip lost soul
Hun jehne jehne v unp te sparkles de paise modne c oh bhai/bhen kisse gareeb da ilaaj kara deo ja kisse neyane di fees de deo.

May make sparkle happy
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