RIP ✰ Sparkles ✰

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We became friends here, she helped me prepare for interview during my days of depression, wonderful soul, gone but will not be forgotten.
Edit: I met her before she left for canada last month. Her sister shared the news
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Last month meri gal hoi c
She was in india
Actually she broke her arm in a car accident in canada
So she thought to have a rest in india and came to india
She contacted me to have a coffee i said we will meet
She said she will be in chandigarh i said i will come to chandigarh. Just text me when u reach chandigarh
But she didnt text so I thought she may b busy with her mother. Actually her mother was all alone in delhi
And nidhi have her divorce case going on with her ex husband.
This is the latest i can tell.
Rest dont know
I have her canada wala number but whatsaap is not working now on that number. Will try calling her in a bit.


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Unfortunately this news is true
Vishwas ni hunda ke Aah kujh ho geya

Jithon takk mainu pta laggya
Canada ch Asthma Attack aaya si , jis karke ohna di death hogi

Jithon takk main jannda , ohna jinne caring, vdiya character wale person boht hi ghatt dekhn nu millde

Parmatma oss nirmal rooh nu apne charni thaa bakhshn


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still cant believe she is gone.. dunno what to say.. umar hi ki si.
ohne dassea si ki she got separated par hun gal ghat hundi si.
jado di canada gai.. fir ta samjh lo usde kol time hi nahi rea unp li

usde posts / chats parh ke lagda si saade ch bahut kuj common hai.
lost a friend.. saada te hassi mazak hi bahut chalda si
so long waifu


Rip lost soul
Hun jehne jehne v unp te sparkles de paise modne c oh bhai/bhen kisse gareeb da ilaaj kara deo ja kisse neyane di fees de deo.

May make sparkle happy
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