Review: Spiderman 3

pink puma

I saw spidey about 3 weeks ago, but nonetheless, thought i'd post a review....

Spiderman 3 was not what i expected. the trailor was overly dramatic and the actual movie wasnt all that great. i thought spiderman 1 was better. And also, the whole plot was quite predictable. i mean without a doubt you could guess what was going to happen in the end. Not worth the money so dont waste your time on it. watch something else.

If anyone else watched spidey 3, feel free to post your views on it.



i saw spiderman 3 the day it came out and i think ur right tht the movie was oredictable.
but i think that this movie was still the best.
I CANT WAIT TO WATCH SPIDEWR MAN 4 5 and 6 when it comes out