Response to strike from Pak will be very heavy: IAF chief


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Short-range nukes show Pak targeting Indian forces: Expert

NEW DELHI: Pakistan's recent testing of NASR or Hatf-9 short range missile, coupled with its rapidly growing stockpile of low-intensity nuclear weapons, suggests that it is actually preparing to cross the nuclear threshold in case of a conflict with India.

One of world's most authoritative voices on Pakistan's nuclear strength and American nuclear expert Hans Kristensen told TOI that a nuclear-tipped NASR seemed more like a weapon intended for use against Indian forces advancing into Pakistani territory.

"While that wouldn't threaten Indian survival in itself, it would of course mean crossing the nuclear threshold early in a conflict, which is one of the particular concerns of a short-range nuclear weapon,'' said Kristensen, who is also Federation of American Scientists' Nuclear Information Project director.

While the 60-km short range of the nuclear capable missile doesn't threaten the security of any major Indian city, it certainly makes the Indian army and security forces vulnerable in case India does try to implement its much talked about Cold Start Doctrine, which entails making deep and precise incursions into Pakistani territory in the event of another Mumbai-like attack. Pakistan clearly seems to be raising the game considering that India will indeed be under pressure to destroy terror camps in Pakistan in the event of another state sponsored terror attack on India.

"A NASR would have to drive all the way up to the Indian border to be able to reach important targets in India. Amritsar would be one candidate, as would several smaller cities along the border. But that would also expose the missile to counter attack,'' Kristensen said as he emphasized that with its range of only 60 kilometres, the multi-tube NASR system is not intended to retaliate against Indian cities but be used first against advancing Indian Army in a battlefield scenario.

Kristensen had earlier described Pakistan's production of Hatf-9 as a worrisome development for South Asia and for efforts to prevent nuclear weapons from being used. He said it was time for Pakistan to explain how many nuclear weapons, of what kind, and for what purpose are needed for its minimum deterrent. Pakistan announced earlier that NASR "carries nuclear warheads of appropriate yield with high accuracy, shoot-and-scoot attributes" and that it was developed as a quick response system to add deterrence value to Pakistan's nuclear weapons.

According to Kristensen though, the talk about Pakistan surpassing France in terms of the strength of its nuclear arsenal is "a decade or two ahead''. "Pakistan's nuclear arsenal is not equal to the number of warheads that could potentially be produced by all the highly-enriched uranium and plutonium Pakistan might have produced. The size also depends on other factors such as the number of delivery vehicles and other limitations,'' he said.

July 25'2011
JuD chief vows to launch war on India
Lahore: Jamaat-ud-Dawah chief and alleged mastermind of the 2008 Mumbai attack, Hafiz Muhammad Saeed has vowed to enter India through Jammu and Kashmir. Saeed said: “From the door of Kashmir we will launch Gazwah-e-Hind (battle for Hindustan)”. During the past week, Saeed visited Bahawalpur and Multan districts of Punjab province to address public meetings and meet JuD activists.

Pakistan may add 24 N-missiles to arsenal
Islamabad: Pakistan plans to add 24 nuclear-capable, short-range missiles capable of hitting all major Indian cities to its arsenal this year, reflecting a urge in the security establishment to seek “strategic parity in the region”, according to reports.The Strategic Plans Division (SPD) – the body that oversees Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal – is supervising the production of the new missiles.


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Re: Response to strike from Pak will be very heavy: IAF chie

Response to strike from Pak will be very heavy: IAF chief

The IAF chief said India followed a 'no-first-use' nuclear policy but warned its response would be "very heavy" in the event of any nuclear attack on the country.
NEW DELHI: Indian Air Force (IAF) chief Air Chief Marshal P V Naik on Tuesday said Pakistan's new tactical nuclear missile or expanding arsenal is of no worry to India.

He said India followed a 'no-first-use' nuclear policy but warned its response would be "very heavy" in the event of any nuclear attack on the country.

The IAF chief's statement came following the news report that Pakistan planned to add 24 nuclear-capable, short-range missiles capable of hitting all major Indian cities to its arsenal this year.

The plan is in line with Pakistan's official policy of having what is rhetorically called "maintaining a minimum deterrence", especially against India, the daily quoted sources as saying.

"Our nuclear policy is of no first use. It also talks about a very heavy response in case of a nuclear attack. It talks about a retaliatory and hard response, our policy talks about that," Naik, who demits office this Sunday, told a press conference, PTI reported.

Naik was responding to a query on the new Pakistani tactical nuclear missile 'Nasr' which is touted to be a 'game-changer' in future warfare.

He did not agree that the new missile will be a 'game-changer'.

"Tactical or strategic, it is a nuclear weapon. So, obviously our response would be absolutely violent as per our existing policy. I don't think it is a game-changer," he added.

Pakistan recently successfully tested 'Nasr', a short-range nuclear capable ballistic missile which can hit targets in the range of 60 kms.

Asked if there was any need to be concerned over the assessment in some quarters that Pakistan had an edge over India in terms of the nuclear warheads, the IAF chief said, "there is no need to be worried on this."

Meanwhile, responding to a query on the role of HAL, Naik said that the aerospace PSU had provided great support to the IAF in the last 50-60 years.

He said already some steps were being initiated by the government to streamline the procedures in the company for "improving the quality".



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