Request to all the members here

Da Tiwana

Inspector Sa'ab ;)
sab to pehlan ji sat sri akal aa sareyaan nu
well i wasn't on UNP for last 2 weeks roughly, so don't know much about what has been happening here. just came here today morning, n since then all i have seen is infractions n blames being put on by members on fellow members.
does any one member still remember how all this stuff started?
what n who was the root cause of all this dispute?
some people here used some words, which they should not have used, so i request them please be carefull about what you say.
punjabi ch kahawat aa" pehlaan tolo fer bolo". kindly understand its meaning. it takes a lifetime to build a family, but just a split second to break it apart. please do not let that happen it here.
if any words used by any member, did hurt any ones feelings, i myself apologise for that.
i being moderator of Religion section, feel that i have some part in all this problem as well. so please try to forget what has happened and kindly move on. i know its not easy, but still we can try for it.
n as for Dejavu, mate kindly please choose ur vocab with some care. u used the word sissy for the guys who left the site coz of remarks made by some members, so that makes me a sissy as well, as me, dhanna, pps, n some more members left UNP about a month back or so. buddy stepping away from an idiot does not make you a sissy. always going head on to some other person is not the only way you can act. if the ones you care for and the ones you feel proud of, let you down, what option do you think they have, instead of moving away?
n more so, you have no right to call names on people, about whom you know nothing. i don't think you had a clue about what all has been happening, when you made that post, n then you used such harsh words. man please be a bit mature urself, before advising others to be.
then come this other id jasleenkk, i dunno who u r, but i just wanna say, that u too please choose ur vocab carefully. i know when one is angry its hard to control ur emotions, but still. anyone can lose his or her own self in anger, but brave are those who remain composed, no matter what the situation is. so please be careful nest time.
lastly i want to request to reshmi muteyaar. i know beeba ji u had suffered a lot, but please do not take every word in its literal meaning. i am pretty sure, that even when Dejavu wrote those words he didn't mean those words in the entirety of the meanings. n also, he didn't pin point you anywhere. so please cool down n come back. i personally apologise to you for all that has happened, n assure you that i will try my level best to not let any of this in the future. so please come back.
i have been attached to this site n its members emotionally for quite a long time. now i don't want to lose any of you guys(except for Bulla ofcourse:an). so please come back n stick with each other n lets live like a happy family together.
life is too short to be angry or to have any grudges against others. please lets all enjoy it up in the company of our fellow members.


today's incident was a perfect example of comedy of errors............
no one intended the pun........... but bande ik duje di gallan toon feel lai gaye..........As Daman said........ life is too short to waste on these petty issues........... maujaan maano....... aish karo....... te je nahin pasand aundi koi gal te just refrain urself from the issues.............:kik


thnxxx tiwana ji 4 such a nice thread,,,
bilkul sahi keha tiwana saab ne,,, tussi jis cheej bare jande hee nahi os te finger kyun chukde ho,,,,,we all are like family over har ik naal apne family members wala behaviour karo.....apas ch larhan da kee faida? awein nikki jehi gal nu koi vadda issue na bnavo....
and for reshmi,,, u r ma sis,,, so sis plzzzz come back we all are waiting 4 u..... unp specially religion section is incomplete widout u.......te jo v tuhade naal hoyia ohde layee main tuhade ton maafi mangda haan...
plzzz come back......:hug


Dhanwaad Tiwana ji. Umeed ah k saareya de palle paiyaan hon giyaan tuhadiyaan gallaan.
Te mera v ik shotta jeha hee msg ah ji...
Rall mill k reha karo vai saare... siyaane banno, j kisse di gall nai pasand taan ohnu pyar naal samjhao apna apna view deo.. discussion forum da matlab he ah hunda ah, saare apne apne views davo par kissi nu offend ja dis na karo. Har ik gall karn da koi dhanng hunda ah.. par kai velle vaddh ghatt gall ho jaandee ah.. :an hehe neways, all im tryin to say is k j tusi ik saaf suthri discussion nai agge tor sakde, j apni use of language te nai control kar sakde taan request ah k jst ignore kar dao.. andekhya kardao, kisse da koi ghattaa ni hon lagga...koi jung jittan nai baithe assin urre.. Dikhao saareya nu k assin sachee united aan aithe.. "UnitedPunjab" ah naam rakhan da faiyada hee nai j apne dil united ni aah. Baaki tusi saare samajhdaar ho... ju knw main kee kehna chaundee aan. Bhull Chukk Muaaf Ji!! Rab Rakha! :hug luv ya all!


sachi too_much ho gaya si

22 sabh mere varge banann di koshish karo


i read tiwana's post and seems like some people take things personally
try to avoid it. we have different ppl having different way of saying their minds
so avoid misinterpreting and assuming.

UNP is such a great site with people like dhanna, guri, KPW

yaar hajje 3 nu hi janda so bakyan bare keh ni sakda par sarre hi wadiya honne aa average kadh ke . lol

haso khedo aish karo yaar te aa tensionan toon dur raho