Remembering a Hero of 1962 War!

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Remembering a Hero of 1962 War!
Sep Kewal Singh, MVC (Maranoparant)

Infantry Soldier
Unit: 4 Sikh
P. Number: 3349770
Birth: 01 Jan 1943
Martyrdom day: 26 Oct 1962

On the night of 26 October 1962, a company of Sikh Regiment was holding a defensive position in the forward defended localities of the Walong garrison in NEFA. This position was threatened by enemy forces. Some ofthem had managed to get dangerously close to our defences. Sepoy Kewal Singh, on his own initiative, rushed out of his section post and charged the enemy with his bayonet, killing a few in hand to hand fighting. In this encounter he was seriously wounded. Despite his grievous injuries he bayoneted yet another of the enemy before he succumbed to his injuries.

By this act of valour and self-sacrifice, Sepoy Kewal Singh helped his comrades to repulse the enemy.

Permanent Address:
VPO Kangniwala
Tehsil Jalandhar
A nation that forgets its martyrs will itself soon be forgotten.