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For those who cannot compromise on the quality of picture on their TV, Reliance Big TV HD DVR can offer the ultimate resort. Apart from being highly affordable it can offer most vivid and lucid on screen color base. With the launch of Reliance BIG TV’s HD DVR STB on 7th May 2010, Indian television viewer has truly entered the age of Digital TV. True to form,, your favorite portal that brings all breaking news to you first, has a detailed and exclusive review on features of the new BIG TV STB.
Reliance BIG TV HD DVR and Reliance BIG TV DTH have many common features and options, the crucial difference is that Reliance BIG TV HD DVR users have HD enabled video reorder service. Reliance BIG TV DTH has great picture and audio quality. However, Reliance BIG TV HD DVR goes beyond crystal clear picture and astounding sound as compared to the Reliance BIG TV DTH
Let’s explore Reliance BIG TV HD DVR service in detail.
Offers and Prices
Reliance BIG TV HD DVR has three new offers for customers. For North Indian users, the Reliance BIG TV HD DVR connection costs Rs 7,990/- with 3 Months of free Diamond Pack along with NGC HD. Another offer is available for Rs 7,490/- , you will need to buy a connection pack separately. For South Indian, Reliance BIG TV HD DVR connection is available for Rs. 7,790/- bundled with five months of value pack and a full bouquet of sports channels.
For existing customers, the company is offering an upgrade option from SD to HD DVR at a price of Rs 5,990 with 1 Month Free Viewing of NGC HD.
How to buy
To buy Reliance BIG HD TV DVR, register your request to customer care at 1800 200 9001, and Reliance BIG TV HD DVR team will contact you within 3 days. Once you confirm your order, they will ask for more information like address, and install Reliance BIG TV HD DVR in a professional manner. You can purchase your connection through Reliance Web World or Reliance BIG TV dealers and your installation will be done in a maximum of one week.
For existing customers, Reliance BIG TV is offering Rs 1,500/- off on upgrade. You will need to recharge your current connection with Rs 6,000/- , and you will get your new Reliance BIG TV HD DVR STB in 3 days. If you have signal issues, ask the installation team to replace your Dish too.
Getting Started Kit
The GSK kit or the Get Started Kit contains:
Universal Remote
Two AA Batteries
External Power Adaptor
RCA Cables
User Manual
Installation and Activation
Reliance BIG TV installation is thoroughly professional; they come fully equipped ensure that the signal strength is maximum possible. If you already have the Reliance BIG TV DTH installed, no new wiring is required. The installation team needs 2 to 3 hours to complete the setup.
Once installation is over, allow another 5 to 10 minutes to activate your connection.
Set Top Box
Reliance BIG TV HD DVR STB is manufactured by Hyundai. The DVR STB is Black in color and has a simple and elegant look like that of the Reliance BIG TV STB. Reliance BIG TV HD STB has two panels. Front Panel has 3 LEDs like Reliance BIG TV STB. One light indicates Stand By mode (Red Light), Second Light indicates Remote Sensor (Green Light), and the third light indicates Recording Sensor (Yellow Light). Apart from this, a Power button and OK button is available like Reliance BIG TV STB along with Channel Navigation Panel.

True high def HD quality pictures can be viewed on Reliance Big TV HD DVR. Some of the best in class features are as below:
1080i high def resolution provides sharper and clearer resolution than standard screens
Best in class 5.1 digital surround sound can enable theatre like experience right in the living room
One can get to enjoy stunning visuals – movies, sports, shows, music and other entertainment entities on the go in HD definition.
It redefines the true experience while watching TV. One can pause the Live TV for up to 30 mins and resume the program.
Program rewinding or forwarding is also possible in Reliance Big TV HD DVR.
Programs can be recorded anytime on the go while a program is being viewed. Close to 200 hours of programs can be recorded in Reliance Big TV HD DVR.
An integrated remote control can provide ultimate flexibility to one and all on the go. With one control, set up box, TV and DVD player can be controlled seamlessly.
You can set custom bookmarks on a recorded event. Skip between your custom bookmarks to seamlessly view your favourite scenes – no ads, no breaks