Do you belv. in reincarnation?

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.*. KiNdEr .*.
i totally believe in it, tremendously... kehnde hunde ah ke jede babies hunde ah... they remember their past life while little but forget it after they see this world :an
yes nd no both:an
yes coz many ppl say it.. 've heard many stories:an there ws this guy in patiala.. he remembered his last janam:an but if u blv in that..then isn't it against SGGS.. it say 84 lakh junaan de baad u get human life.. if that guy remembered hi s human janam y didn't he remember his baki janwaran wale janam ..
no coz i haven't seen it.. like mere samne proove ni hoya :D

ITs kinda confusing:an


Ms. Ambitious
yeah same here ..
buh i am more on the yes side so i sed i belv.
ye i heard many stories about this