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Consumers are now interested in the composition and effects of what they consume. As with most things in life, moderation is the key to consuming the Red Bull energy drink. Red Bull energy drink side effects become a problem in cases where a consumer is drinking the Red Bull energy drink in excess, or fails to combine their consumption of the Red Bull energy drink with an adequate daily diet.

The Red Bull energy drink side effects are a combination of the mixing of the herbs contained within the Red Bull energy drink with other substances, or medications. Although the herbs contained within the Red Bull energy drink are not enough to cause difficulties within themselves, they can prove harmful when combined with a prescribed medication.

The most common prescriptions to cause Red Bull energy drink side effects are acne prescriptions and antibiotic prescriptions. Normally, your doctor will warn you of what to avoid while you are taking your medication, however, Red Bull energy drink side effects are only now being recognized.

Some of the herbs and vitamins that are included in energy drinks include, ginseng, gingko, biloba, echinacea and Vitamin B. In energy drinks, these herbs and vitamins are usually said to have health benefits, which encourages people to drink in excess of what they otherwise should. If consumed in excess with other medications, these herbs and vitamins can be potentially harmful.

Red Bull energy drink contains both herbs and vitamins. Vitamins should only be taken to substitite a vitamin deficency in the body, or during times when you are undergoing laots of physical training where the body consumes more vitamins, fats and carbohydrates.

Red Bull energy drink contains sugar, taurine, glucuronolactone, B-complex vitamins and caffeine. Although Vitamin B is important for the human body to help maintain an effective defence system in order to prevent disease, it is usually only required if a person is ill, or deficient in that particular vitamin.

Overall, the Red Bull energy drink should be consumed in moderation and more than one, or two drinks a day is not recommended. The risks posed through high consumption of Red Bull include the raising of the energy levels within the body to dangerous proportions, medical complications and allergic reactions.

By Peter Vermeeren
Peter Vermeeren is a traditional martial arts teacher for over 30 year.

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