Reasons for Loving You


You are the light that shines the way
To more than I'd hoped to be
You are the wind behind my sails
That guides me over treacherous sea's
When rain clouds threaten over head
You are my shelter from the storm
When I am cold and far from home
You are the sun that keeps me warm
When I am lost and can't find my way
You guide me to a familiar place
When I am sad and without hope
You bring a smile to my face
When I am hurt and need to heal
You care for me in a loving way
When I feel like no one cares
You always know just what to say
When I need to feel your love
You pour your love all over me
When passion consumes my heart and soul
You show me how wonderful life can be
These are just a few of the reasons why
I will love you for all eternity
Make me the happiest man alive
And spend the rest of your life with me