Realize The Sacrifice-Guru Teg Bahadur


ਅਣਖੀਲਾ ਪ
This is for my Hindu brothers who have totally forgotten Guru Sahib's sacrifice.

For you He left His family, His son, His wife
For you He didnt hesitate to sacrifice His life

For you He courted arrest, and suffered all tortures
To fill your life with the roses of happiness, and joy filled orchards

For you He saw His Sikhs sawn and boiled
The hands of the Mughals with blood were soiled

For you He refused all pleasures and comforts
And accepted the pains that can shake all hearts

For you He rejected proposals of wealth
So that your generations could thrive in health

For you He sacrificed His body and His head
So that you could live fearlessly and earn your bread

Have you forgotten all He has done
His people you made the object of fun

Have you forgotten the legacy of His martyrdom
that to the oppression of His people you act deaf and dumb?

Have you forgotten His sacrifice, oh so complete!
That today His message for you has become totally obsolete!

Have you forgotten that He is your saviour
Or the Mughals would do to you what else but devour

Forget not the One who saved you
Protected your honor and carried you through

Forget not the One who took all the pains
Death for Himself, for you all the gains

Forget not the One who had His head severed
Today His people are mocked by you, instead of being revered

Wake up my dear, before its too late
Your silence and indifference is ruining your own fate

Wake up my dear, or you will pay a cost
Hatred will fume and all love will be lost

Wake up my dear, and recognize this fact
What He did for you was an ultimate act!

Wake up my dear, wake up and bow down
Bow down to the Master of Sikhs, the Sikhs whom you labelled a clown

Wake up my dear, and say after me
Say with your heart and you will be free

Dhann Guru Teg Bahadur, tu Hind di chaddar
Tu hi sadda sacha patshah tu hi sadda rehbar
-by Rochak Malang

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