Rapidshare discontinues point system, rewards programme


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Reward programme: RapidPoints and RapidDonations to be discontinued

June 18, 2010

As of July 1, 2010 RapidShare's RapidPoints programme will be discontinued. This decision by the company is a reaction to claims that the reward programme rewards the uploading of contents that are protected by copyright.

We feel it is necessary to undertake this step as we do not wish RapidShare's users to be exposed to such an unjustified general suspicion. Our primary objective remains to provide users with a fast, secure and reliable service.

What will the changes mean for our users?

First, nobody will lose any points that have already been accumulated. You can redeem them until July 6, 2010. Please also note that within the next days we will offer you an opportunity to convert a Collector's account into a free Premium account and to transfer your points into this Premium account.

Unfortunately, we must also give up the RapidDonation scheme. An amount of 10,000 Euros was collected for each and every organisation and project that was introduced. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the donors for their contributions!

We are currently exploring how we can continue the donation programme in the future.

Clearly, we would like to continue rewarding customers who recruit new clients. As soon as we have developed a new reward programme, we will of course contact you immediately to provide more details.


hun warez uploaders MU use karange :p