Ranbir Kapoor patches up Prakash Jha, Nana Patekar


Prime VIP
You've seen Ranbir Kapoor give sterling performances in film after film. But Ranbir the peace-maker is a new role he adopted to bring Prakash Jha and Nana Patekar together after their very public fall-out.

Apparently, Ranbir who got along like a house on fire with Nana during the shooting of Raajneeti in Bhopal didn't quite relish the uneasy silence that prevailed between "two of my most favourite people". He decided to end the cold war between Nana and Prakash when on an impulse; he dialled Nana's number from Hong Kong when Ranbir, Arjun Rampal, Manoj Bajpai and Prakash had gone for a Raajneeti event.

When Nana answered the phone, Ranbir quickly handed over the phone to Prakash.

Says a source, "On Ranbir's urging, Prakash and Nana spoke when Prakash was in Hong Kong. That's how the ice thawed between the two."

Nothing succeeds like success. After the public bickering and open display of hurt anger and resentment between the two, Nana Patekar and Prakash Jha have sorted out their differences.

And now Nana is in constant touch enjoying the heady success of Raajneeti and sharing his joy with the director.

Prakash admits the cold war with Nana is over. "We are once again connected. Nana is delighted by the success of Raajneeti and is keeping tabs on the film's progress. He didn't come for the Raajneeti celebration on Wednesday night. But he called to say he wouldn't come because he never attends functions."