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Dear All,

Please read the instructions and important information regarding the Radio Streaming Server for Unp.

How to configure your computer with the Radio ?

To configure your system,an email will be sent to your email provided. This will contain information about your DJ account log in. Also,it will have the details of your streaming server. Use the IP, Port and the password for the streaming software you are using ( Winamp with shoutcast plug in or Virtual DJ )

Start Winamp and open Preferences (CTRL-P) and click on the DSP/effects subcategory under the Plug-ins tree. Click on the NULLsoft Shoutcast Source, then click “configure active plugin.”

1. Click on “Output” tab.
2. Check the box that says “connect at startup.”
3. Input the information provided by your hosting provider (server IP, port, password, etc.)
4. Click on the “Yellowpages” or "Tab 3" button.
5. Fill out the information (station name, any instant messengers you might use, etc.)
6. Click on “Encoder” tab.
7. Make sure “Encoder Type” is set to mp3. For “UNP radio”, I had decided to broadcast at 64kbps, so I select 64kbps/44khz mono.
8. Click on the “Output” tab again.
9. Verify that the information in the “Status” section says “Sent.” If this is the case, than you are currently broadcasting! Congratulations!

Virtual Dj settings:

1. Open Virtual Dj software and click settings.
2. Goto Broadcast tab and use the Radio Broadcast (Middle option)
3. Select shoutcast in broadcast type (Not Icecast)
4. Enter your details and set the KBPS to 64.
5. Save the settings and Click broadcast. Congratulations.

How to log on to the system when AutoDj is on ?

Auto Dj is the feature of the paid streaming server which allows you to broadcast even if your computer is off. It reads the media file uploaded to their streaming server. When AutoDj is on, you will not be able to start broad cast from your personal computer.

Please use steps below:
1. Log in using your control panel username and password.
2. Press stop on the Auto Dj option to stop the AutoDJ.
3. Click broadcast from your computer program (Connect for winamp).
4. You are now on air.

Errors : If you are unable to connect,check the control panel to see if the AutoDJ has Started again.Just Stop the Auto Dj and start broadcast.

Please do not exceed broadcast limit over 64kbps as server has limit on number of listeners and broadcast rate.Streaming will stop if you exceed bit-rate more then 64kbps

Error email :This message is to inform you that you have been broadcasting at a bit rate of 128 kbps, while the bit rate limit for your account is only 64 kbps.

Your streaming server has been stopped to terminate your broadcast at this bit rate. Please adjust your streaming source settings to use a bit rate of no more than 64 kbps, then login to your control panel and use the "Start Server" button to restart your streaming server.
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Codename 47
Myradiostream does not support mobiles. Plus they are free servers with delay in broadcast. Shoutcheap server is paid stream and works on both.
Mobile page below is being made to support web player

use the image below to navigate and play in your phone :)



Codename 47
Winamp Setup in details:

Download winamp
Download Shoutcast plug in from here

After installation of both, please fill out the details as outlined in the image below

1. Open Winamp after installing DSP plug in and click the preferences in Option menu of Winamp as shown below

2. Click DSP under plug in part and then select Shoutcast plugin, hit the configure button . This will open the output server details tab. Please fill out the details such as IP , PORT and password. Please leave the DJ name blank.

3. Please select Encolder tab and select the mp3 encoder in the encoder type and set the rate to 64 kbps 44000hz.

Please note increasing the bitrate will turn off the SERVER.

4.Click the directory tab and enter the following details:
NAME: DesiRadioUNP

5. Now STOP the auto DJ from config menu and then click connect to stream from your computer
Log in to your portal as per your email instructions. and click the STOP button and hit connect on your winamp.

FLASHPLAYER now supported on Phones as well

Use the link

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