Questions To Ask The Guy You Are Dating


~ Internal Happiness ~

1. What happened between you and your last girlfriend?

Depending on his age there has been one, possibly many, girlfriends in his past. Simply asking the first question will give you an idea of his temperament, independence, forgiving nature, self-esteem and self-confidence. Once he starts answering this question continue to ask general questions about his past relationships. Don’t get too involved, this isn’t an inquisition. But his answers will reveal plenty of information about his personality that you should be aware of should you continue to date him. And you shouldn’t ask this particular question behind his back, of his friends. Ask this question head on and live with the answer

2. What is your personal 5 year plan?

A man without a plan is a man set for failure. When you woke up this morning were you completely happy with your life or is there at least one thing you could change about yourself right now… and more things you could change over time? That’s right, only fools live in a denial enhanced life they are totally happy with. You have a personal five year plan don’t you? What type of job you’ll have, where you will be living and what your personal life will be like and how you will achieve these goals?

3. What is the most memorable family experience you’ve had?

We all have great happy, and sad, memories of our families as we grew up. How you relate these stories to someone else and with what emphasis, is a telling story of how well you can adjust to future events. By what the guy says will tell you how he handles confrontation, change and even indifference in his life. It’s fine to ask for details here unless he says it’s just too much information to give out yet.

File these questions in your permanent memory and remember to ask them of the guy you’re seeing. You will need to have the answers sooner or later and there is no time like the present.​