Punjab’s Nightingale is no more


Kuch arse ch hi Punjab dian do dhian sade toon vichad gaian...pehla Amrita Pritam te hun Surinder Kaur.

Surinder Kaur died at a hopital in New Jersey ,USA after series of medical breakdowns. The second tragedy is that she would not be cremated on the grounds of Punjab but in New Jersey where her two younger daughters are settled. "Main theek nahi haan" were her last words to her eldest daughter Dolly Guleria.

Surinder Kaur was born in Lahore on November 25, 1929, and she recorded her first song with elder sister Parkash Kaur in 1943. The song: "Maavan te teeyan ral baithiyaan…." is still fresh in social memory. And it will remain so for all years to come. For, the melody Surinder Kaur struck was truly timeless, truly immortal.

May her soul rest in peace....

The Ominous

Come get Some......
ya mein b aaj NEWS paper vich padeya, bada dukh hoya pad de saar hi. Rabb ehna di atma nu Shanti bakshe :tears



Time flies and with it fly cherished moments of pride and joy. Only one and a half month ago, Punjab was celebrating the top civilian honour of Padma Shree which Surinder Kaur had brought home. But today it must take a break from revelry and focus on some prayer instead. For, our Nightingale is no more. She was on a life support system, battling it out with a series of breakdowns that were threatening to get the better of her. It all began with the loss of breath and swollen feet, then a heart attack and accumulation of water in the lungs, leading to multiple organ failure and finally coma. May her soul rest in peace. :pr

jadon meri arthi utha ke chalange
mere yaar sab hum-huma ke chalange
chalange mere naal dushman vi mere
eh vakhri e gal muskura ke chalange
jadon meri arthi utha ke chalange ........shiv kumar batalavi
mere yaar sab hum-huma ke chalange



-- Kem da Gui --
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eho j lokan karke punjab di alag pehchan hai... may her soul rest in peace te rabb eho j kine hor mahan sakhshiyatan punjab di dharti te peda karda rawe jo punjab te punjabiyat da naa roshan karde rehen ..