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Punjabi Suits

Punjabi suits are making dhamaal (noise)! My wife was watching Fit TV today, and there they were, young women dressed in punjabi suits doing the bhangra (an Indian dance). That’s when I realized how popular these Indian clothes are becoming. For your information, Punjabi suits are a type of salwar kameez or salwar suit. These are traditional outfits from South Asia. The three components are the salwar, or pants, the kameez, or the shirt, and also the dupatta, or stole. The basic outfit has stayed basically the same for centuries. As of late Punjabi suits are gaining notice in both the East and West.
Punjabi suits are the dress of the Punjab region of Indian and Pakistan. This area is known for a special unwritten dialect known as Punjabi. If one were to compare it to the American dialects, country slang comes to mind. Loud, powerful, and swaying accentuations highlight this language. But by no means is this considered boorish. Actually, Bollywood movies are full of Punjabi one-liners and the most popular songs are penned in Punjabi. It is a running joke that every actor becomes Punjabi when the scene requires it. Punjab music has immense following. Loud rhythmic beats countered by twanging string instruments are the signature.
The spin of Punjabi suits on the salwar kameez theme is notable. In particular, it is the patyala salwar that makes Punjabi suits unique. The striking feature is a prominent ballooning of the mid-portion. Be it traditional stage shows or high powered concerts like those of RDB, you can count on dancing Sikh maidens in their native patiala salwar. Hence, this is by no means a rural phenomenon. Punjabi suits have made a major impact on Indian fashion and also Pakistani fashion.
So why should American women try Punjabi suits? Well, for one thing you can make a major entry at your next party. The elegance of this dress will not be lost on your friends, or your competition. Also, the new modest clothing fad has overtaken the tight and tiny Britney fashion. Be practical, elegant, and modest at the same time if you care to do so. That being said, there are edgier variations of Punjabi suits for those who prefer the bolder look.
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