punjabi love letter special on valentine


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Dear meri dil ki katori,

Mai kya ji, it was ji very well since the time I put my eyes on you at

Buntys [COLOR=orange! important][COLOR=orange! important]wedding[/color][/color]. The parrots flew out of my hands, when u turned like

a truck on a blind curve and smiled at me.

Now I see ur face everywhere, even in my chicken-curry. The butter

chicken reminds me your sweet voice. Mai kya ji, would you be the

butter on my naan and the chicken in my curry of life....!!!!

Koi gal nahi, take ur time but dont put the foot on the Brakes of my

[COLOR=orange! important][COLOR=orange! important]love[/color][/color] ji. What to do, I to have started thinking about Shaadi-Vaadi.

Karao maat wait, say yes for a date!

Bale Balle......


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Re: punjabi love letter special on valen

jiven kea thuhanu ptah hi hai kea banda roti pani khaddea binna nahi reh skda es layee love tea dhabbea da eh mail cc gg