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1. Psychology says, People change for one of two reasons: They have learned a lot, or they have been hurt too many times.

2. Psychology says, one of the most amazing feelings in the world is having someone fall in love with you who you thought you never had a chance with.

3. Psychology says, Time decides who you meet in life, your heart decides who you want in your life, and your behaviour decides who stays in your life.

4. Psychology says, No matter how messed up you think you are, there will always be someone that loves you and still thinks you're amazing.

5. Psychology says, People who stay awake till late night are more intelligent than the people who go to bed early, and rise early for the day!

6. Psychology says,You have to let people go. Everyone who’s in your life are meant to be in your journey, but not all of them are meant to stay.


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1.Psychology says, Don't put off telling someone how you feel about them,
because everyday that passes by is another opportunity for them to meet someone else.

2. Psychology says, Remember, the girls who say, "a lot of guys are after me", should keep in mind that low prices always attract many customers.

3. Psychology says, Noteverything will go as you expect in your life. This is why you need to drop expectations, and go with the flow of life.

4. Psychology says, its tough when someone special starts to ignore you, but it's even tougher to pretend that you don't mind.

5. Psychology says, Most people aren't actuallyanti- social. They choose to be alone because they hate spending time with stupid people.

6. Psychology says, that faces of well-rested people look younger and are more attractive than sleep- deprived people.

7. Psychology says, Positive text messages from people you care about can actually have a positive influence on your body and improve your mood.


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1.Psychology says, one of the hardest tasks for the human mind is convincing yourself that you no longer care.

2. Psychology says, women are biologically attracted to guys who are taller than them because height is associated with the ability to protect and defend.

3. Psychology says, If two past lovers can remain just friends, its either they are still in love, or never were.

4. Psychology says, One of the best ways to measure people is to watch the way they behave when something free is offered.

5. Psychology says, The people with awkward personalities tend to be more faithful when in a

6. Psychology says, People who laugh more are able to tolerate pain better, both physical and emotional.
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