PSP Bugatti Veyron edition


ImmorTaL KhalsA
PSP Bugatti Veyron edition for ultimate gaming and driving thrill

Bugatti Veyron is a name that strikes first when it comes to ultimate style and luxury. To own and ride this car may remain only a dream for many, but to the delight of Bugatti Veyron fan-boys we have PSP game console: PSP Bugatti Veyron Edition.
Designed by Won Chan Lee, the PSP Bugatti Veyron Edition is the result of an assignment from a product design course in Seoul National University of Technology. Students involved in the project used Photoshopped illustrations to showcase this PSP Bugatti Veyron edition.

The game console that resembles Bugati Veyron’s front and rear every inch is to use a SDHC memory card; Bluetooth for multiplayer games (4 people max) and it also incorporates a 16:9 aspect ratio screen.