Province de naa di daroo..

» Ř ã Ĵ ē ė V « said:
Only debt free province in Canada
We got oil that can serve Canada for atleast few houndred years....
Just GST no PST
Porperty doesnt cost a million ere
Booming ecconomy
Wooooot wooooot.........

Awww Canada and Lubb ju so much alberta......

Cause we are makin so much money and as I said we are the only debt free province.....Province ne promise kita c ki they are gonna share their money with the ppl and as I walk into my home and chek my mail guess wut did I find?.......Four cheks of $400 each WOOOOOT WOOOOOT....for four of us.

Aj provincial govt. de naa di darooo bandi aa..Durraaa