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Akhran da mureed
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Criteria for promotion

Unpians with 10+ posts will be promoted to the Members group. They don the Black uniforms and can communicate with other unpians via the Shout Box (SB), Private Messages (PM) & the Visitor Messages (VM).

Elite is the group of persons who enjoy some more rights than the normal members. They don the Blue uniforms. Members with 200+ threads or 5000 posts are promoted to the Elite group.

VIPs are respected members of the community who have earned the right to have the VIP rank. Currently members with 500+ threads or 10,000 posts have the right to wear the VIP badge. They don the Purple uniform. They get a bigger avatar size, bigger PM Inbox quota besides some other benefits.

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Dhillon S'aab kade Khaadi-Peeti ch sada naam nu Laal Pari wangu Laal kardo.... :talli
And pls only use ''Kanda Marka Pakke Rang''
Jo rang kade na utarrey...
Thanks in advance

Ghaint Sanaasi

Baba Laden
nothing showing in it ... but there is a bar down there to write but cant go through ... man wht is going on here my friend ... still having a trouble with sb