Prominent Muslims Personalities in Sikhism


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Bhai Mardana – Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s long time Muslim companion through out his extensive journeys.

Akbar - he visited the third Sikh Guru, Guru Amar Das at the town of Goindval,
He sat with the ordinary and poor people of Punjab to have Langar and granted land for Harimandir Sahib

Hazrat Mian Mir – A Sufi and a great friend of Guru Arjan Dev ji laid the foundation stone of Harimandir on Guru ji’s request.

Nabi Khan/Gani Khan – Two devotees helped Guru Gobind Singh (disguised as Uch Da Peer) escape form Macchiwara Jungle when surrounded by mogul Army.


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I heard even Bahadur shah jaffar used to give lot of respect to Guru Gobind Singh ji....he sent a british doctor when an afghani stabbed Guru ji while sleeping in Abchal Nagar, Nanded Sahib.
its not even just this

Maharaja Ranjit Singh's army had a great portion of Muslims in it

many head generals were Muslim

he even had a devision for Muslim Jatts stricktly

Im related to Majaraja Ranjit Singh's head architect