Problem with my fone


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guys I need help :an

iphone ke upar jo button hota hai to switch off woh andar ghus gaya hai :an

Tweezer se pull karne ki koshish ki but didnt happen

woh to i will take to apple no issues but I want to restart my fone cuz my 3G isnt working & i am unable to do that ..

is there a way to switch off the phone without getting the button fixed??

Suneya si apps hundi aa jedi tuhaade phone nu soft boot kar dendi aa :-?
You have several good ways to Restart your iPhone.

1. You can let your battery run all the way down, your iPhone will turn OFF and then you charge it back up, it will turn ON in less than 4 minutes. You should be doing this once to a couple times per month for best battery performance.

2. You can squeeze (pinch) the Power Button top corner front glass to the back case while pushing the Power Button and the Power Button will usually function.

3. Settings App>General>Reset near bottom>Reset Network Settings. This will restart your iPhone, and I believe this will function fairly close to or exactly like a Hard Reset. Nothing will change on your iPhone.

4. Settings App>General>Reset near bottom>Reset All Settings. This will restart your iPhone, it will not delete anything, but it will reorganize things like Apps.
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