Preity joins hands with Leonardo DiCaprio & Naomi Campbell t

Saini Sa'aB

Preity Zinta is making news everywhere. She is either at the NASDAQ or becoming brand ambassador to a city and now she is all out fighting for the survival of the wild cats. Why not? After all isn't Tiger the national animal of India? Therefore, in this endeavour she has joined hands with Hollywood superstar Leonardo DiCaprio, and supermodel Naomi Campbell.

The globe trotting Preity was invited along with Leo and Naomi at the Global Tigers Initiative organised by the International Tiger Conservation Forum in St Petersburg, Russia. Hosted by Prime Minister Vladmir Putin the forum was attended by officials from countries that are home to tigers.

The three beautiful people drafted plans to give the campaign a push globally. Naomi and Preity had met before on Vikram Chatwal's fashion show and hit it off instantly. The two discussed the alarming rate at which tiger poaching is making the numbers dwindle and have taken it upon themselves to tour the country and see the natural reserves and habitats themselves. Preity on her own would also tour different countries creating awareness about the issue. In fact on Twitter as well she posted the message "India has over a billion people and only 1409 tigers! Think about it?"

Preity was invited to the summit to speak about crime and injustice against tigers and was asked to endorse a St. Petersburg Declaration on Tiger Conservation and a Global Tiger Recovery Program. Preity posted a picture of her own at the forum with a message, "Just landed in St Petersburg ! Whew! Long flight! Its wonderful 2 see da city I read so much bout when I was in school:-) Ting ! Loving it !" The dimpled lady does make us proud time and again.