Post a selfie at the National Portrait Gallery


As our test drew toward a close we decided to capture the occasion for posterity, heading to Trafalgar Square and asking our testers to post self-portraits on Twitter, using public Wi-Fi to get online with their smartphones.
This was not a problem for the 3G control test, as it is the sort of thing for which you would naturally use cellular connectivity. But the public Wi-Fi users struggled. Our O2 user was connected, but was unable to upload the photo to Twitter or even browse the web. The experience was better with BT, but our tester had similar issues.
His phone connected okay, but there were problems tweeting. He had to go into the browser and enter login details, then return to the Twitter app. Our wildcard tester used the O2 hotspot with no problems, however.
The Cloud experience was similar to that of the previous test. Our tester could find no signal in the square itself, but there was some connectivity at nearby bars and restaurants.