poor baby

poor Baby

A woman gets on a bus with her baby. She puts the money in the machine and the bus driver says, 'That is the ugliest baby I've seen in my life'. The woman who was mad stormed down the back of the bus and sat down.

She tapped the man in front and said, 'The bus driver just insulted me and I am very offended'.
The man replied, 'Well, I wouldn't take any of this. Go down and give him a piece of your mind.'
So the woman replied, ' I think I will'.

So the man said, 'You do that and I'll hold your monkey.'


Re: paki baby

Sorry...I didn't like it...u cud have said a woman...instead of mentioning Paki unnecessarily. I wonder why we find it so easy to joke on others and so hard to digest something on ourselves. Sorry, if I ‘m taking it a bit seriously, but if we don’t allow all those lalaji or sardarji jokes, then we should not allow all these paki’s jokes as well.


Re: paki baby

no need to put pakistan into this mate, lets not be disrespectful in this state of rebuilding relationships, but otherwise joke was funny :)


Sorab has already changed the word 'paki' with 'poor' whitetiger,,,,bus main title hi reh gaya si...oh vi kerta main change hun:)
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