Pooja Mishra vs Nihita Biswas– who will be eliminated on....


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Pooja Mishra vs Nihita Biswas– who will be eliminated on Bigg Boss 5?


The elimination process on Bigg Boss 5 has already started. In the first elimination process of Bigg Boss 5, Pooja Mishra and Nihita Biswas were nominated by the house mates. The daily dose of cat fights by the Bigg Boss 5 contestants have already begun in a desperate effort to hang on and win the show.

In the first episode, Shakti Kapoor, who is the captain for this week was asked to nominate four Bigg Boss 5 contestants for elimination. Shakti Kapoor nominated against Nihita Biswas, Pooja Mishra, Gulabo Sapera, and Laxmi Narayan. The rest of the contestants except the ones nominated had to vote out from the list.

And then rest of the house mates, except the ones nominated had to vote out two from the list. Most of them voted against Pooja Mishra except for Shraddha Sharma. Pooja's tantrums over the air conditioner, her indifferent attitude and constant grumbling about Shakti Kapoor might have got her in trouble.

Nihita Biswas also had five people vote against her. Many house mates couldn't quite connect with Nihita as many of her statements regarding her husband Charles Sobhraj was held against her. In the night, while bonding with Pooja Mishra, Nihita took a dig at Pooja Bedi saying, “If I am here because of my husband, she’s here because of her father.”

As the elimination round ended, Laxmi looked relieved whereas Gulabo burst out into tears. It remains to be seen what is in store for the Bigg Boss 5 contestants in the coming weeks.​