Recipe Pomegranate raita


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Pomegranate raita


(measuring cup used, 1 cup = 250 ml)

1.5 cups chilled yogurt, dairy or vegan

¾ cup fresh pomegranate arils/anardana

½ tsp roasted cumin powder

¼ tsp black pepper powder

a pinch of red chili powder or as required

¼ tsp chaat masala powder (optional)

a pinch of black salt or rock salt (add rock salt if making for fasting or vrat)

sugar as required

a few coriander or mint leaves for garnish


whisk the yogurt till smooth.

season with the spice powders, salt and and sugar.

stir till sugar is dissolved.

add the pomegranate arils and reserve a few for garnish.

stir and pour the raita in serving bowls and garnish with the pomegranate pearls and coriander or mint leaves.

you can also chill and serve the pomegranate raita later.

while making pomegranate raita for kids, skip the black pepper powder and red chili powder.