Polluted water in punjab


Dhillon Sa'aB™
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Jinni k Canada di population aa, unne ta mahinne ch Darbar Sahib langar shakk jande.

Can't compare,

baki jithe apne kateed gatt hai oh idha da hai

See china. Xi river Li river. Hai river. Han river Min river
In 2006 there one river was slightly polluted they took serious action
Its nuthing to do with population its all about proper system
Which incredible india and incredible indians will never learn


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They must be prosecuted, they are Absolutely Liable as expounded the Rule of Absolute Liability by Supreme Court in MC Mehta Vs Union of India.

Exemplary Punishment should be inflicted,
Its more dangerous than any kind of terrorism, it's not just killing humans slowly, but also the nature and the place of our living.

Think if we poison water of a house, we will be punished, even Attempt to murder, etc can be imposed, but if we poison the whole river then no case.

We need to reform our environment protection laws, enforcement is the key,