Police to auction 26/11 terror items

deepak pace

The Mumbai terror strike, one of the worst attacks India has ever seen, generated public anger as well as curiosity.

After the three-day siege, the security forces finally came out triumphant by nailing down the terrorists involved.(Watch)

During the mission, the forces recovered life jackets, medical kit, blankets and GPS phones. These were the things used by the ten terrorists who attacked Mumbai.

The materials were recovered by the Mumbai Police from the boat MV Kuber. And now, sources say that the police want to auction these goods once the trial of the case ends.

"Under a section of the CrPC, the court can order for an auction," said Y P Singh, a former IPS Officer.

This may sound strange but the practice is not new. In the past, when Dawood Ibrahim fled Mumbai after the 1993 blasts, his property was put up for auctioning but there were no takers. In recent times, a limousine recovered from the slain matka king Suresh Bhagat would go under the hammer after the trial.

But for the people of Mumbai, emotions are still running high and reactions are mixed.

"This was a shameful incident and it's best forgotten," said one of the residents of Mumbai.

The court is still to decide whether to allow the auction. But the police have already decided to use the ammunition and 10 AK-47 assault rifles recovered from the terrorists after the trial.


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