PM says sorry for ’84 riots, visits Kanishka Memorial


Prime VIP
Toronto, June 28

Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh today apologised on behalf of the entire nation for the tragic incidents of 1984 while addressing Canadian MPs of Punjab origin.

“We are trying to address the issue of getting justice to the victims and the Indian government may also review the compensation package to the families of the victims,” he added. It was a long pending demand of Sikh MPs who wanted the PM to get justice for victims of the 1984 anti-Sikh riots.

The PM also won the hearts of families of victims of the Kanishka bombing when he visited the Kanishka Memorial here before leaving for home. “The entire nation shares this sense of loss and grief,” he said, before meeting kin of the victims of the worst-ever air bombing in the history of the world.

Victims’ families, too, were touched by the PM’s gesture and they responded back saying that “your presence here at the memorial has been as good as applying soothing balm on our deep wounds. And it has provided a real healing touch.”
Saying sorry dont mean shit......the prime minister needs to talk after taking care of justice and the families of those who died and after freeing people held unjustly in jails accross india.

Unless that is done he needs to shut his gob.