People listen when Indian PM speaks: Obama


Prime VIP
Hails him as extraordinary world leader

Toronto, June 28

US President Barack Obama rated Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh as an extraordinary world leader. He praised his knowledge of economic activities which could be service to the G-20 Summit. Obama’s statement assumes significance since the G-20 Summit was focused on finding a way out of the economic crisis.

President Obama and Dr Manmohan Singh held a bilateral Pak must act, PM tells Obama meeting on the sidelines of the G-20 summit.

“I want to express my pleasure having the opportunity to meet once again with my good friend, Prime Minister Singh. I said before and I continue to believe that the extraordinary leadership that Prime Minister Singh has provided not just to India, but to the world, has helped us navigate through some very difficult times” said the US President in his speech to mark the G-20 Summit.

“And I can tell you that here at the G-20, when the Prime Minister speaks, people listen, particularly because of his deep knowledge of economic issues, as well as the fact that he understands that as India rises as a world power, not just a regional power, that it also has enormous responsibilities to work with the rest of the world community around issues of peace and prosperity,” he added.

Obama said he was pleased to have accepted a visit to India. “It is a trip that I’m very much looking forward to and I know that the Prime Minister and his gracious wife will extend great hospitality to us. We are also just excited because of the tremendous cultural as well as political, social and economic examples that India is providing the world and has in the past. So, Mr Prime Minister, thank you so much for your friendship, and we look forward to working with you in the months to come, leading up to the visit so that we know that we’re going to have a very productive stay when we’re in India”.

On the other hand Dr Manmohan Singh thanked Obama for uttering warm words for him. “It is our common endeavour, Mr President, to give this strategic partnership a new thrust, a new meaning, a new content. And it’s my privilege to be associated in this global endeavor with you, Mr. President. You are a role model to millions and millions of people all over the world. Your life history is a history which inspires millions of people everywhere where there are people who have risen by the sheer depth of their austerity, of their hard work, and their commitment to the values on which you have worked and you’ve stood for”.

He also appreciated US President’s support to get rid of chronic poverty, ignorance and disease, which still afflict millions and millions of Indian people. He welcomed Obama’s support in India’s “social and economic transformation”.

Pak must act, PM tells Obama

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday pressed US President Barack Obama to convince Pakistan to take strong action against terrorists involved in anti-India activities in that country following disclosures made by LeT operative David Headley. Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao said the two leaders discussed the situation in the region and they spoke of counter-terrorism cooperation in Afghanistan. Singh briefed Obama about the peace initiatives with Pakistan but made it clear that Islamabad should abide by its commitment of not to allow terrorism emanating from its soil directed against India. — PTI