pehlipost for dis section!!!

harry sidhu

HarTeJ SidHu
dis is d first post for dis section!!

here are some ringtones in mp3 tones made by me!!

plz request if anyone any specific ringtone or applications or softwares for dere cellphones !!!! do specify d cell phone make!!1

chillout !! i hope u ll like ma first contri for dis forum!!!

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thanx sidhu saab ehna waaste. meri ik request si nokia 6681 naal by default 4 mp3 ringtones aundiyan ne (names are:- love.mp3, world.mp3 etc.) please post kardo. i'll be very very thankful to you bai ji


aawww thanxx but i cant use these, i always have my fone on silent cuz je mummy ne sun leya fone aunda peya.. ohne dekhan lag paina kehda ah fer changi tara kutt paini mere:kuto


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jehri ik kasauti zindagi ki serial vich saareyaan kolle hundi aa oh chaheedi aa :an

te ne ringtone that says "kaka/kaki/putt fone chak" or something like that but not "mundeya" cuz main kuri aan :an