Peer Pressure

Are you good at handling Peer Pressure?

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We want to belong, so we are sensitive to what others think of us.

What's your take on it? How often do you confront peer pressure? Is it negative or positive? How do you handle it? You want to keep your friends, but you don't want to get talked into doing wrong things.


Focusing on ________
depends what the peer pressure is about ... drugs alcohol sex etc i knw where i have strong views i wont get talked into like anything ...

par sometimes some things u give in :an nd u indulge :an

not wrong things ... but peer pressure for eg. sometimes its to buy something really branded .. nd den u dont have to but u do ... hehe :an


What I meant to ask was, if you know you should not do something, but your friends are insisting, are you good at handling it in a way that your friends are happy too :gig