PC On the Go: Shuttle Car PC


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PC On the Go: Shuttle Car PC

When you are on the go, you often wish you can take your desktop with you. Sure, you laptop will give you a few hours at best in battery life, but it doesn’t necessarily give you the power or options you need, that a desktop could provide.
Enter the car PC. It is a personal computer, but made especially for cars. What happens when you turn off the ignition, and you lose power? Don’t worry, the computer will save your information and then shut off safely.
This can be used in many applications, from a MP3 storage device, to a personal laptop for your car, to a mobile file server. Whatever you need it for, don’t expect to obtain it just yet. With no exact release date just yet, this could still be a long ways off.
The device has been named the Shuttle PC, for those who are willing to wait. If you have a laptop, you could probably just let this one slide. If you have a use for a computer in your car, other than because you can, go for it- they are estimated to sell about the same price as regular computers of the same caliber.​