Punjab News PAU promotes ways to counter crop diseases


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Researchers working on disease resistance and breeding techniques in department of Plant Breeding & Genetics wheat attended the Borlaug Global Rust Initiative (BGRI) workshop and 8th International Wheat Conference (IWC) at St. Petersburg in Russia. Plant Pathologists Dr Indu Sharma and Dr Madhu Meeta Jindal, and Wheat Breeders Dr NS Bains and Dr VS Sohu were the key participants.

Scientists discussed new thrusts and approaches required in wheat breeding and demonstrated their accomplishments through posters to international audience of wheat workers. Dr Sharma presented an overview of PAU's wheat research programmes and promoted disease resistant varieties of wheat developed at PAU. She said that strategy of deployment of genes temporally and spatially has helped in managing diseases effectively.

Dr Jindal added that emphasis was laid on global monitoring of emerging pathogens/pathogen forms such as UG 99 race of stem rust and holding systematic research programmes on retrogression of resistance genes.