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Lucknow: Doctors in this Uttar Pradesh capital are expressing solidarity with social activist Anna Hazare in a novel way — they are printing pro-Anna messages on their prescriptions and diagnostic reports.

Under the banner of Lucknow Association of Practising Pathologists and Microbiologists (LAPPM), doctors in the city have been getting messages like "We support Anna Hazare, we support Jan Lokpal Bill" printed at the bottom of their prescriptions and reports.

"Hundreds of private doctors attached with the association and also those working with nursing homes in the city have taken up the unique way to support Hazare and his anti-graft campaign," LAPPM president P.K. Gupta told reporters Saturday.

"Doctors too want to vent ire against corruption and support Anna Hazare," he added. "However, considering the nature of our job, we cannot boycott work or participate in sit-ins for a long period as it would adversely affect our patients. Therefore, the association has come up with a way that enables the doctors to lend support to Hazare without hampering their work."

LAPPM members are of the view that the messages printed in support of Hazare on prescriptions will sensitise people against corruption.

"We believe that the messages on prescriptions and reports would not only be read by the patients but also by their families," Gupta said.