Patient info at PGI


sikhrelief said:
Eight year old Akashpreet Singh has been diagnosed with blood cancer. At an age when he should be running freely with his friends without a care in the world, he is spending most of his time in and out of hospital, undergoing traumatic tests and treatment.

He has started a course of chemotherapy at the PGI Hospital in Chandigarh, which the doctors say could take up to three years to complete. For the first 6 months of the intensive treatment, his parents Surjit Singh and Harjit Kaur, have been advised to rent a hostel room on the hospital premises to stay close to Akashpreet.

The medical and accommodation costs are beyond the capability of his parents who are humble householders. The cost for the first year of Akashpreet’s treatment is estimated to be very high and places an extra pressure on his parents. However, the doctors say the success rate for a full recovery with this medication is about 70%. Sikh Relief have assured Surjit Singh and Harjit Kaur, that together with the Sangat’s support, we will help to lift the dark clouds hanging over this family and bring a return to brighter skies for Akashpreet.
a post sikhrelief ne share keeti c te donate to save his life.

main eh jaan-na chaunda ke koi veer personally jaake menu pata karke das sakda ke eh veer othe kithe hega? te ehna da personal mother father da contact no pata karwa sake ?

urre kafi jane chd ton hege ne :an je koi pata kar sake ehna bare taan meharbani