Paths to Friendship


just got a bit senti abt my plz sare kirpa karke apne apne vicaar te jo vi quotes ne ithe likho frndship bare.....


Done Deal !
Bhuaa mera ta classic hai, te almost mera apna banaya hoya quote hai.......And u know it, main pehla vi tuhanu dass chukki, par ik vaar fer, just for you........

I believe true friends are like mornings, jiven raat to baad din, suvera, morning, honi hi hundi hai, sache dost vi eda hi hunde ne, ik sajjri suver vaang ohna te eda hi parosa hunda hai, kade shakk hi nahi hunda ki o kite door jaange, Just as u know after every night there is gonna be a morning, ose tarah hi u know ki sache friends are also there for you.........And another thing i believe is that you dont need to talk to your true friends everyday, roz ohna nu farke rakhna painda jinna de jaan da dar hove........true freinds are there for you no matter if its the next day, next week, next month, next year.........har banda apni apni zindagi di daur ch busy ho janda, par friends hamesha dil de kareeb hunde ne, and u can always catch up with them whenever u get a chance.........One shud always be sincere in friendship, and another thing be friends with someone if u like them for what they are, not for what u want them to be............Apna ta ehi asool hai...........Is layi i love my bhuaa, coz she is a sweetheart.......booble maati !:wub


Friends are those with whom u can share any of ur feelings or thoughts without worrying if they gonna be judgmental....By NIKKi :so

one more...which i lived for 10 yrs with my best frds...and i didn't surprise when i experienced it again while talking to one of them aftr a gap of many mths.
when u understand and complete ur friends sentences...b4 they can do it or if they get stucked or feel they don't knw how to express something and u put their feelings in words by urself for them....thats wht frds are...its fun and its proud feelings u get by doing it Nikki.:so


aww :kiss...kinni baar keha mainu jaida na sir te charaya kero aina pyaar deke.....per fer sochida jinna pyaar mil jawe wadhiya hi hai :D:D:D:D...pyaar da khazana wadh jauga :D:D:D:D:wub


@L0nE DuDE
quote shote to aate nahi want to say one thing....friendship is not a one mans play...if u want some good friends then u have to b more careful and understanding...


simple---- friendship jani Dosti hamesha ikk dost naal hundi aa...te DOST matlab DO+SAT... DO--2 (two) te SAT---SACH (TRUTHS) sangto jado DO SACH (two truths) mil jaan taan ohna nu nu dost kende aa.....
so je dosti da asli swaad laina taan ohna naal hamesh sache riha karo :wa

ikk kahani yaad aa gi shoti ji
ikk baar machhi (fish) ne smundar nu kiha "kakka tenu mere hanjua da patta ni lagda , kyonke main taan paani vich rehni haan...taan samundar ne kiha "beebi mainu tere hanju vekhan di jroorat ni , main tere hanju feel kar sakda...kyonki es dunia te main hi tera sacha DOST haan

so es layee
A friend is one who sees ur first drop of tear,Catches the second,Stops the third & turns the fourth into a Smile!!!Keep Smiling..... :D

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