Pakistan Supreme Court website hacked


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The official website of Pakistan's Supreme Court has been hacked.


Visitors to the website found derogatory and abusive remarks about the court and Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry.

It is not yet known who is behind the attack. The court said it had begun an investigation into the hack.

The site is currently unavailable. This is thought to be the second such attack on the Supreme Court website.

Media reports say that the hacker, who used the screen name Zombie_Ksa, asked the chief justice to ban all pornographic websites and do more to help the poor.

"You must have heard about me on news, headlines, government charges, blogs, blah blah," the message read.

"Yes, Pakistan Supreme Court got stamped by Zombie_Ksa," the hacker wrote.

"So I am here to request you to go out there and help the poor, needy and hungry," the hacker said in the message