Pakistan supporting Sikh militants, say fresh intelligence inputs

Miss Alone

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Sikh militants are getting more support from across the border to foment trouble in Kashmir and other parts of the county, suggest fresh inputs from intelligence agencies to the foreign policy establishment.

Pakistan establishment supporting the Sikh militants have long remained a bone of contention between the two neighbours, with Islamabad often denying its involvement.

But Indian agencies consistently pointed the number of Sikh militants taking refuge in Pakistan. The fresh inputs show support for Manjit Singh, leader of Khalistan Zinadabad Force (KZF). The intelligence inputs say this outfit is getting more active in South Kashmir and Kathua region of the state and in Punjab. Sikh radical elements sheltered in Pakistan are engaged in anti-India activities such as providing financial support to terror activities.

Sikh extremists leaders based in Pakistan — belonging to Babbar Khalsa International , KZF, Khalistan Commando Force (KCF), International Sikh Youth Federation (ISYF) — are getting help for making trouble in India.

The issue of terrorism and New Delhi accusing Islamabad for using terrorism as an instrument of state policy has time and again came in the way of two sides going back to the talking table to bring a new lease of life to their fragile peace process under the NDA government.

At the same time, Pakistan has stepped up its rhetoric on Kashmir, which coincides with Indian efforts on what officials say: “Pakistan is not a victim of terrorism.” Though India has scored many points over this, the recent statements from China and the US secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, have termed Pakistan as a victim of terror. But an Indian official said that calling Pakistan a victim of terror amounts to missing the woods for the trees.

“The terrorism that Pakistan suffers from is self-inflicted. The terrorism that is inflicted on India comes from across the border and it is exported. Pakistan uses terrorism as an instrument of state policy, from support to Kashmiri groups to promoting specific groups against India to helping Sikh militants, this policy is evident,” said the official.