Pakistan refuses to take back bodies of intruders


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Fazilka February 28:

Pakistan has refused to accept bodies of two alleged Pakistanis who the Border Security Force (BSF) shot dead early Friday when they tried to sneak into India, an official said.

"We had informed the Pakistan Rangers and we were hopeful they would take back the bodies. But they refused and said the deceased were not Pakistanis," BSF Deputy Inspector General Panaj told reporters. "We have enough proof to substantiate their identity but Pakistan does not want to admit the fact," he added.

The BSF killed the intruders near the border at Gatty Basoke around 3.45 a.m. Friday. It recovered one pistol, five rounds and two mobile SIM cards from them. The bodies, kept in a hospital here, will be handed over to the civil body for cremation. Fazilka town, in Ferozepur district, is over 250 km from Chandigarh. The BSF guards the 553-km international border in Punjab.