Pak rejects proofs shared by Britain,US

deepak pace

Islamabad: Pakistan has dismissed evidence on the Mumbai attacks shared by the US and Britain.

The evidence included information given by India and corroborated through other sources. It included Ajmal Kasab's confession, transcripts of mobile telephone intercepts, and also the logs of recorded conversations.

However, Islamabad says this will not stand up in court. It is demanding a list of Indian witnesses and their statements as well as all technical material, such as computer drives and mobile phones recovered from the terrorists.

The US and Britian have given to Pakistan "clinching evidence" of involvement ofelements within the country in the Mumbai terror attacks but has been dismayed over Pakistan's pussyfooting and not doing enough.

Intercepts of satellite and mobile conversations between the attackers in Mumbai and the Pakistan-based elements guiding them, were handed over to Islamabad by the two countries.

Western diplomats believe Islamabad has "not done enough" in terms of acting on the intelligence given to it and want those behind the November 26 strikes to be prosecuted
in a transparent manner.

British and American investigators have amassed a large amount of technical and human intelligence that was also subsequently passed on to Pakistan, Western diplomatic sources
told PTI.

Sleuths from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation, who were given access to Amjal Amir Iman, the lone gunman captured during the attacks, were convinced he is a Pakistani national and that the terrorist strike was planned and coordinated by elements in Pakistan.

The sources said the most clinching evidence on the involvement of Pakistani elements was provided by the British authorities.

In fact, British intelligence operatives were so convinced of the Pakistani links to the attack that they did not take up an offer to question Iman alias Ajmal Kasab, sources said.