Only in my dreams

Theres this girl I love so much,
I love the sound of her voice and her warm feeling touch.

Shemeans everything in the world to me,
But no, She doesn't care, She doesn't want to see.

She acts like I have no feelings, no feelings at all,
Its like She has no heart, its like She just stands there till I break down and fall.

I spend every breakin' night and day,
Cryin' my broken empty heart away.

Just patiently waiting for the day,
For her to hold me in her arms and tell me it'll be okay.

Or for her to look me in the eyes and tell me that she'll love me forever,
And promise me that we'll always and forever be together.

But I guess thats "Only in my dreams" and thats what it will forever be,
Girl! why was I to blind and stupid to see :)
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