One Fireman's Fate


Staff member
The bell clangs, out of our bunks we roll
Sliding down the bright brass pole
On the truck donning gear
Chanting our claim, no fear, no fear

To the call we rush in the night
Pull to the curb oh what a sight
Flames, embers, people's screams
One look now at many shattered dreams

Into the fire we rush to save life
Dragging our line, axe, and pike
Up the steep stairs and through the hot door
I step too quick and go through the floor

Into the room below all aglow
The fires intense my screams so immense
The heat is unyielding but then I can see
My body from above and what I am shielding

It is God's will I went through that door
And part of his plan I fell through that floor
For my purpose is seen through my own tears
I have given my life for one of two years

Don't be angry I have lived my life true
To the child I have saved I'm glad you will too
I was a fireman and proud to be one
I know your life's fate you'll be on truck one

I know this is true for God has shown me
One life for another as it will be
As I watch from above my tears turn to joy
I have given my life for my own little boy