Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg Omg!


COngrates puma
and good luck for future!!

Seems like,,most beautifoooool n intelligentttt people have gathered here@UNP (including niku,simran,jay n list goes on n on n on....)


jime tutia ambar ton tara
:hyper :hyper :hyper :hyper :hyper :hyper :hyper





....... :hyper

Pehli gall mein eh kehni, vi Raab Ji, jiteh vi thusi hai, i hope thusi read kaar reh this post. Thank you tohada bohat bohat for helping me get through everything in life.

Aaj mein apne lecture che gayi, its a 4th yr poli sci class on political economy of underdeveloped countries :nerd and today we got our marked exams back :hyper and mein late aayi see thora and mein prof nu puchya prof ji, do you have my marked exam? he goes yes and he goes oh hooo, you, i need to talk to you outside :an

Mein sochya eh kehri gall oh saakdi that he needs to talk to me outside. :dnfer menu bahr leh giya and kehnda, menu saach saach dass, did you have an answer sheet beforehand? mein kiya, sir are you out of our mind :O i just studied my brains out i swear i didnt cheat. and Kehnda well we profs have special marking guides and your exam was right on the dot and exactly what we were looking for and that is unbelievable because students never nail the exam this way.

And i was like oh my gosh this prof is mental. so he goes have a look at your mark. :hyper and he gave me 100%!!!!!!! Kehnda vaise i gave you 100% but assal vich consider it 400% and i will add on the extra marks to your final grade at the end of the year :D:D:D:D. You guys have no idea how happy i am. and kehnda this is the best undergrad exam i have ever marked and now he wants to help me plan my future and get into law school!!!!!!!! he would be the perfect reference!!!!!!!!

and taan kaar k aaj mein bohat kush ho! i never in my life thought 100% was achievable at university and you guys i am not making this up, if anyone wants a scanned copy of my exam let me know and i will send it to you >haha nahi im serious

aajo saare jaana please meri kushi mere naal share karo, this is so so important for me!

:kik :kik :kik :kik
:yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :yj :ha :ha :ha :ha

Thank you for all the wonderful friends i have made here and for giving me the encouragement i needed when i felt my damaag was about to faat any second :an

oye pinko tu tan kamaal karti :y ,,party kithey aa fer saadi :bolt

pink puma

Thank ju maxsteel and navi :hug

navi party taan graduation toon baad hi hou :D aajo saare jaane Toronto nu, tohade waste poora inthjaam hove ga :gig


happens with me all the time
mere naal school timeton hunda aa reha
pehlan Bday time te mid yearly exams hunde si
and now semester exams :cry

so cheer up it has happened to u only once