‘Ok Google’ voice search now available for every Chrome user


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‘Ok Google’ voice search now available for every Chrome users

A few weeks back Google announced that it is bringing its popular hands-free ‘Ok Google’ search functionality in Chrome for desktops, but at the time of announcement this feature was only available via an extension. But the downside of that extension was that it was still in beta, so it also brought some unknown bugs. But now Google has announced that it is rolling out the stable version of this feature to the Google Chrome.

The company has recently released a new version of Google Chrome web browser, which comes with “OK Google” search functionality. Which means that now you have to just say “Ok Google” and Google will start listening what you want to search.

To use this feature, check if you are using the latest version of Google Chrome by going to the About section of your web browser and after that enable the “Ok Google” feature from Settings >> Advance Settings.