Official Plane For our Indian PM




The cabin's new LED lighting system allows artificial light intensity control as well as light color selection from a broad spectrum.
The LED illumination system replacing the Legacy's fluorescent lights is an important festure that enables smooth, continuous dimming as well as combinations of white light with other colors for greater passenger convenience.

Window Shades
The new mechanical window shades allow passengers to dim the natural light coming from the Legacy's generous 22 windows.
Using a combination of composite and lightweight transparencies, the pleated shades are easy to operate and can be customized to match the interior of each client's aircraft. The window shades offer 100% light block and UV protection.

The Legacy corporate jet will now feature wireless fidelity technology (Wi-Fi) offering high - speed data connectivity around the globe.
Onboard conveniences include Internet and e-mail access, large file transfers and videoconferences. The optional system being made available consists of dual channel global high - speed data solution using the Inmarsat Swift64 Mobile Network.
Its bidirectional data troughput is 50 times faster than existing aeronautical analog satellite communications technology. For the Legacy traveler, the connnection speed in the package currently on ofter can reach 128 kbps. In the system will support connections of up to 432 kbps.

The AE 3007 A1E engine is backed by Rolls-Royce experience and product innovation.
• Proven technology with mature core
• Maximum thrust of 7,987 lb. to ISA + 22º C
• Excellent reliability
• Easy access to components
• Design allows quick engine changeout

SHauKeeN GaBRu

Chardi Kala
oh yes, Indian goverment had given five orders for such planes, one for the President, one for Vice President, one for PM, and two I guess for spare.

Also BMWs 7 series were ordered, one for President, one for VP, one for PM, one for the then deputy PM (Advani now used by Sonia) and one for leader of opposition (then Sonia and now Advani)

The Ominous

Come get Some......
Dhanneeeee Bai lagda gatiii pani peni hai eh jhaaj nu jad apne ghar utte di langu gaaa...... dhyaaan rakhi khich lena hai sala thale nnuu.... :y

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