Now you can buy Moto X for $399 on no contract


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Now you can buy Moto X for $399 on no contract

Motorola launched its popular flagship smartphone Moto X for $199 on two year contract basis and at $499 for those who want to buy it off contract. And during Cyber Monday Promotion sale (December), Motorola sold good numbers of Moto X. The online demand was so impressive that Motorola’s servers were overwhelmed, which lead to extend the deal for two additional days.

Now the company is back again with the same offer, but with some new updates. The company has now permanently dropped the price of Moto X from $499 to $399 on no contract basis. So, now you can buy the 16GB version of Moto X for $399 and 32GB version for $449. Moto X really an impressive smartphone. If you are planning to buy it, then go ahead it is really a nice phone.