Nokia N8 UI appears in a video demo and it looks good


Prime VIP
Reviews of Nokia N8 are spawning all over the place as if Nokia has lifted some sort of an embargo on the N8 public appearances. We just stumbled upon a pretty nice video that offers a rare sight – the Nokia N8 Symbian ^3 UI in action, including some pinch zooming and some gaming action (the office favorite, Angry birds). Plus both – you can pinch zoom in Angry birds, too. How’s that for cool?

Other new stuff includes the fluid Cover flow-style layout of the music player. Not to mention the Task manager that shows running apps with nice big thumbnails.

Music player album covers • the new task manager

Unfortunately, the voice in the background speaks in Danish only so we can’t get all the juicy details. But the video itself is pretty illustrative. Go check it out at the source link below.